Erogenetic education

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Selfexperience – roleplaying – constellations – massage – analysis/theory

Erogenetic is a resource oriented body-psychotherapy system which is guiding us throught the fascinating life processes from prenatal/before birth until adult. The purpose is to uncover genetic, emotional, psychological and spiritual topics and re-discover latent potentials which are dedicated to influence our daily life in a positive way.

The Erogenetic training is available for those who want to get more insights and understanding of emotional processes and their dynamics. Previous experience in therapy is not needed, because Erogenetic method is a complex system on its own. Training is especially beneficial for those, who are working with therapy such as psychotherapist, massage or acupuncture therapist and related professions, care and social workers, parents 🙂 (and any other supporters within humanity), who would like to add more to one´s already existing skills. The system fits for both body and cognitive therapy.

The training includes theory, self-experience and practise, techniques of bodywork, massages, role-playing, drama, constellations, analysis and group supervision. In addition you will get topics for self study at home and theoretical material which can only be obtained in Erogenetic training©.

At the professional level, we will learn to work therapeutically with the body, its resources and energy, using techniques of touch, massage and we will know the emotional functions of organs and their connection with inner conflict. In this way, the individual aspects of human existence will be explained to us, and in this context we will learn various ways and techniques of therapeutic work.

Founder of the Erogenetic system is senior psychotherapist Gussie Grace Wallem, who is also leader of training group.

Would you like to become an Erogenetic therapist? For futher information please contact us:
Dana Kolářová,, +420 775 619 357