Psychic channeling & psychological coaching

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If you are in a situation that seems to give extra stress or challenges, and you have difficulties to deal with it on your own, then a psychic channeling and psychologic coaching might be the right answer for you.

The aim of a psychologic channeling is to release oneself from various blocks which is disturbing us emotionally or spiritually and has taken an unwanted manifestation in our life situation.

Our relationships, self-esteem, emotions, career choice etc., are often a result of past events that create challenges in the present.

We are all influenced in our day to day lives by what we have experienced in the past, whether it is from recent experiences , our childhood, youth, to archetypal and/or ”past” lifetimes.

It is commonly that  distortions intrudes and manifest itself into our daily life as undue emotional stress, destructive relationships, psychological imbalances and psychosomatic deceases – interfering with our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.

Once we are free from whatever has been imposing upon our identity, we will be able to return to our natural sense of balance and harmony.

Grace says: “It is wonderful to know that in heaven and on earth there are helpers who gladly are waiting to support you and  make you free from constellations that no longer are suitable for you and your life situation.

It is an amazing experience, when pieces from the puzzle of life, finds its way into order – one can see it like a clear landscape, and shape it like it is supposed to be.

Grace has a particular gift for receiving spiritual guidance on the behalf of an other person and she is disclosing vital information that is hindering  the natural life process and its flow. But her strenght is to communicate this in a therapeutical way.

“To quide a client means to me; that she/he finds the inner truth, the emotions connected to it, the own ethic and allow these sources to be instrumental for transformation,” says Grace.

Individual psychic channeling – psychological coaching takes up to two hours. (It is possible to have it online as well as „face to face“  when Grace stays in the Czech Republic or other country).

Available languages: English, German, Norwegian, Danish.
Czech – English translation/translator is provided.

You are welcome with any other language if you provide your own translater.