Inner chaos and its logic

Most of us will probably say that; communication and expression is an important tool and constitute an essential part of how we are listening, thinking, affecting and emotional perceive each other’s signals.

Through life, we continuously influence on another with our essential being, in the way we act and interact. Conscious and unconscious energies, modes, states and all kind of information transmitted from one to the other on all levels – emotional and cellular.

The body contains and live “what we are” and causes us to function and act accordingly. It has a large interplay of emotional, physical and spiritual components, which has their own morphogenetic structure.

If we get mentally stressed, or “overloaded”, the body or a particular organ is in the sense working ‘overtime’ and other get sort of speaking more passive. This could give the result that one is using resources, which saves for other tasks and with consequences as psychosomatic symptoms or diseases, not to forget the fact that one gets weaker and loose the basic emotional wellbeing and focus.

Today we know that the cells in our body have a memory and also function as transmitters and memorises for the psyche. Further on, the cells are social, so when they are in a joined task, they “speak and communicate” to each other with chemical signals. If we for any reason, not are allowed to use or react with these natural processes of our cellular signals, which is provided as mainly supporters to our (primary impulses), meaning:

(If, the ethical values of our soul – and – the genetic structure do not get the opportunity to act/react), accumulation of different chemical and psychic processes will automatically take place.

This accumulation as well as (crystallization) in cells provides an inner chaos, when the unconscious immune system and withhold emotions, cannot communicate and cooperate in its natural way. The reasons might have caused from external circumstances, family/personal or other social issues.

One of the biggest challenges during the developing phases of a child and its evolution is, to be able to integrate the self without becoming a victim of dogma.

Assuming we all contain an inner valuable core, a truth and perfection, which is an important part of our creature, that carries qualities from the origin, almost like a spiritual or primary archaic phenomenon.  These qualities can with its nature sometimes seem “strange” or provocative (even between family members) in its appearance and sometimes activate a sort of fear, simply because we instinctive from the beginning of evolution have the urge to identify what is coming towards us, (in this context meaning our survival-instinct).  If this “fear” acts as an overall vigour from parents or other social contacts, it is likely one of the elements having the role in rising many forms of conflicts between parents and children, and there for blocking the flow of basic emotional well-being and development.

This is often experienced in a therapy, namely; the need to experience and in a natural way integrate the own values and qualities.

Without positive support but filled with anxiety and conflicts, the inner child prodigy – this we all have within – feel compelled to include a pact (deal) with its survival instinct. This has the purpose to create some kind of protection against repeating the same negative/painful experiences.

A pact as such, is mostly positive, a treaty or agreement that ensures the survival of the weakest.

If a person become victim of negative influences during the normal development period, for example strict dogma, emotional overload, physical punishment, psychological neglect or the like, then the fatal thing will happen:

The child encapsulates itself with all tools available such as; the inherited genes, chemical/hormonal processes, the soul’s own ethic among lots of feelings.

So for protection: All the inner morphogenetic elements, is creating a psychic organic code – to which only the child holds the key. The quality, which was a natural part of the child, is now locking into its “shelter” – literally speaking in its cell. Life goes on, but in the shelter/cell time comes to a halt – crystallizes – like a time fixation.

To mention is, that from the moment one create a survival pact (although it is crucial), and use some of the primary forces encircling/crystallize one’s innermost being to avoid further painfully experiences, instinctively there is produced a cellular defence – as a shield – to protect feelings and mind. Behind this shield, one is isolated, and the communication between the inner and outer world deteriorates.

If a child experience that its primary impulses is rejected or they lead to punishment, its subconscious creates a survival pattern (pact) which later leads to a system of beliefs through the development of the thinking structure. The greater the anxiety of the child, as if a part of its psyche must die; the pact “takes over” in order to ensure survival.

Most of us wear a masque shaped by our pact. It can be read in our faces and shows on our bodies and through the way in which we communicate, the tone in our voices, in our movements, and in the way we actually structure our lives.

Sigmund Freud suspected that mental disorders or “neuroses” were the consequence of lacking or suppressed erotic – desire/libido from the psychosexually phases: He claimed that the child’s erotic bonds to parents and the resulting conflicts, shapes the personality for life.

For instance; the feeling of profound shame can express through shyness, modesty, self-destruction, e.c.t., and one might get the impression that the person is suppressing his/her erotic energy. Thus, not to deny, but shame, neurosis, mental, emotional stress/conflicts, do not only come from an erotic repression. Shame can be the result of many factors, e.g. the shame of being humiliated or not loved, that one’s truth/authenticity is not welcome, being ignored, punished or one interject the shame of someone else.

Freud was with his theories leading us, and giving a hint to the enormously and fascinating biological/mental processes and how to release mental stress biological.

Later on Wilhelm Reich followed up on Freud’s theories (including studies of orgasm diversity) and innovated with his contribution among many other things. He added ways of releases from an emotionally/psychological perspective, belonging to his development of the character structures and their diagnostic.

It is indeed interesting, that the character structures from Reich analytical is leading its reasons back to the psychosexual phases from Freud’s theories.

The point is, (relating to the inner chaos and some logic), that we allowable come to an understanding, in which both S.Freud’s and W.Reichs’s theories with their insistent perspectives and analyses can unite.

If – we come into a situation, which seriously can result in important consequences for our essential being, same as: When the psychic/organic processes do not have the possibility to interact with each other. Then – we automatically make use of what our internal chaos and relating logic offers as an option.

Here one can say that the genes with its “substance” make themselves available, and that the soul, under the circumstances and options creates a “decision” on the cellular level.

This interaction cannot avoid influencing the personal development, in the case we have to compromise ourselves to agreement. For instance, forming a pact, such as: Become the victim, get ill, aggressive, cunning, depressed, egoistic, anxiously, give up myself, use sex as an escape valve, etc.  (as well as creating the seed for later certain character-structure).  All of these considerations take place at the unconscious level, however, with a remarkable survival instinct.

Thus encapsulates the child itself, and now, in order to survive, make use of the necessary tools available. From a psychological point of view, the child arranges a compromise (pact) in which it forms a secondary personality or a character structure that will get on in the world. When this kind of survival instinct turns into force, other qualities are forcing to activate themselves to the extreme, while others become latent – out of order – caught in the world of fantasy and dreams.

Cleavage from the self is now in force.

Thus, we risk using too much energy; living by the pact’s redeveloped beliefs, which is now a substantial part of the reality. Hence remains the inner child prodigy unfulfilled and underprivileged, without nourishing and essential development.

Inside us, in our inner core, surrounded by protection and fear, the wonder child exists pursuing its right to live, while in its own reality the child is unappreciated and forgotten.

This call for ‘the right to live’ is a desperate message, which sometimes shows itself to an extreme degree mentally, psychically, emotional as well as spiritual.

In facts, this minor or major imbalance in our system, considers as something negative. However, we must not forget that in reality there is an underlying desperate hope and longing to regain love, care, self-respect … yes, an echo…RESONANCE!

Fortunately, we all have an undamaged, perfect core, which mentally, emotionally, and spiritually signals: “I want to live!”

The emotional organs.

The body’s psyche is guarding our essence and is bringing it forward in us.

Every thought, feeling and spirituality has connection with a specific organ and physical parts of our body. Likewise has the different stages of a child’s development a more intensive relation to the circulation of a specific “emotional organ”.

When we are dealing with a body psychic circuit, we find something that almost resembles a subconscious genetic material from prehistoric times, engraved in a living system with an archetypal appearance.

Thus aroused fascination of Carl Gustav Jung’s theories about dreams and symbolism. In the phases of psychosexual development processes, we sometimes find mythological / archetypes who offers to make themselves available when the subconscious has to make a choice. It makes us aware of the latent forces and the battles one at a young age might have to deal with on the road to adulthood. This perspective can be incredibly useful when we read the body’s symptoms, character- structure or other appearance.

Independent of age is thus the possibility procured in order to get a good overview of the psychological dynamic processes that have emerged in the current time or are rooted in the past.

Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy insisted that man’s inner being is a spiritual being, and that we as a whole consists of body, soul and spirit. Furthermore, he considered reincarnation and karma as key regularities in human development.

C.G Jung and R. Steiner’s theories unite and provoke one to explore the spiritual / soul and its manifestation, and especially what kind of elements a child in the psychosexual development periods is “up against”.

Ronald Laing was the one who seriously gave attention to the family structures, and made the question: Is one actually a “product” of the own family? or what is normal; the patient or family?

With this thoughts, he realized that there had to be a sustained dynamic in most families, either visible or in a very subtle plan. However, he began to wonder how much the psychological environment influenced or contributed to mental instability. Meaning; how the very atmosphere at home was expressing among the family members.

Laing found it striking how often lies were pretended for the sake of the family “policy”, and that these lies were sometimes so strongly maintained – that it would be impossible for a normal sensitively child, to find out the real truth, but instead had to adapt into the family system to be accepted.

Sigmund Freud was the founder and creator of psychoanalysis, and among other things, he described the division of the human subject in a conscious and unconscious part and contested the idea of consciousness having the monopoly to control the behavior.

Wilhelm Reich postulated his theory of body armor, i.e. posture and – muscle tone (tension) that reflect the patient’s conflicts and defense mechanisms.

Both S. Freud and W. Reich had a clear understanding that the mind and body are inseparable in the phenomenon of man, and that the body certainly can indicate a mental imbalance and vice versa.

Erogenetic support their claims with its innovative character and brings us on track to a deep understanding of their work.

Also to be mentioned: In the 1950s, did Gerda Boyesen the revolutionary discovery that; the vegetative system (refers to muscles and organs which are unconscious) and our psychological processes are deeply interdependent.

Boyesen treated her clients by putting a stethoscope on their abdomen and listen for bowel sounding / peristalsis, which she called the psychic-peristalsis.

It was spectacular how these sounds immediately responded by different touch / massage on the body, and in her research G. Boyesen began massaging “following the sound”. This resulted in, that the client at the same time could feel that something was “opening” and came in a process of living through the conflicts and suppressed emotions from the unconscious.

Therefore, a mental-dynamic process was activating and took away one’s stress, while there opened a space for the primary impulses. From this fact, it was obvious that the body must have a cellular memory. Not only organic, but also as storage of the psyche.

The great varying range of our emotional life needs the body and organs to inform and conform in line with our soul fluctuations.

Erogenetic has since the 1980s with an innovative research and therapeutic work, with adults (individual therapy and groups), been able to clarify a diagnosis pointing out the mental processes related to special bodies functions. Likewise, finding that certain organs and developmental stages of the child, has a specific relationship to each other. Immediately these observations were usefully in practice, with positive results and is one of the basic erogenetic theories, for the understanding of psychosexual development and child corresponding personality development. Because of these ties between psyche, organs and children’s different phase developmental stages, have Erogenetic with this three-dimensional analysis achieved an effective method to get very directly to the source of the clients’ problem (the current and its cause) or/ and in which stage of development this could possibly have originated. This perspective and theories is developed from signed.

Here are some todays books recommended:

Über den Körper die Seele heilen, by Gerda Boyesen  

The second brain by neurobiologist Dr. Michael Gershon 

The Biology of Beliefs by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton.

The “inner chaos and its logic,” is, with all due respect addressed to the pioneers (Five Gentlemen and One Lady), which each managed to develop analytical theories and methods, which increasingly is getting its sustainable status.  Now, among other things with psycho-neuro-immunological research found evidence; that mental stress has a major influence organic. It proves that the presence of structural, hormonal and functional relationship between the central nervous system, the endocrine-forming organs and immune system play an essential role concerning the mental stress factors. Hormonal Systems are especially sensitive to mental stress. Especially has epigenetic researches made breakthrough discoveries. There is continuously much research going on, and tomorrow we will probably know more than today.

PHENOMENON – (Pheini, Greek, means ‘to shine’). Something one cannot describe though it appears.  Wonder; originally related to: Chaos, life, embodiment, the Holy Ghost, and the human child.

I am a treasure – Yes, I am – I am a phenomenon – I am a wonder

I am sitting here – right in the middle of myself

What am I? – What can I do? – What do I want?

It is a secret until it reveals.

The psychic life of a person can compare to a fairy tale, however with strong parallels to the actual life situation/feeling.

Everyone has the opportunity to move ‘there’ or “go back”, whether it is contemporary or past experiences, and restore the disturbed balance, so it can suit our life today and the future.     * Back to the future