Primary impulses – Interaction – Emotions – Self-confidence – Spirituality – Love – Ethic

Individuation and self-confidence in being the authentic you.

  • You want to learn more about yourself?
  • You would like a more confident appearance?
  • You want to feel more authentic, self-confident and Easy going?
  • You want to change the negative circle you might be trapped in?
  • You want to strengthen your personality and skills in positive way?
  • You want to support your own values?

Then this workshop might be just right for you.

Reclaim your truth and authority 😊

In the Erogenetic self-development workshop you will experience and/or discover parts of yourself on the emotional and mental level.
We will have focus on the individual qualities of each participant and or rediscover potentials, which is waiting to become a strong and positive source for you – in your life.

If we wish for good life feeling and quality to feel secure, self-confident and authentic it seems to get more urgent in these times to be more aware, listening to our intuition and trust our own thoughts, so we are able to deal with life situations that demand our attention if we wish for changes.
Without our consciousness we often become a “victim” of the circumstances and have no influence on any decisions, emotional or practical. It can give a lot of stress private, social, family, job related etc.

>> The best result of anything, is when you are authentic <<

Sometimes it can be personal issues or misunderstood behaving structure in others or one self, that can make things “go the wrong way”. It can also
be you need to update hidden emotions that needs caring and support and also to update facts of the circumstance

We offer individual coaching and in groups.
You are welcome to create your own group.

You are welcome to contact us here for more information or make an appointment