Structure and duration of the training

The total lenght of the training is four years. The training consists of five modules (Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, Module 4, Module 5). Each module contains four extended residential weekends, (from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday afternoon).

The total time subsidy is 600 teaching hours. The frequency of workshops is approximately every 2 months (we avoid summer holidays), i.e. five workshops per year.

The start of training is planned for the Autumn of 2023 and the expected end is the Autumn of 2027.

You only commit to completing one full module at a time. Of course, you can leave the training at any time, but in this case the financial obligation to pay for the specifik module according to the agreed installments does not disappear.

At the end of each module, you will receive a Confirmation that you have participated in the actual modul, which serves as proof of admission to the next/higher module. This Confirmation is valid for three years. Therefore, if you decide to wait to enter the next module, you can do so later, provided that the next year is open and its capacity is available.

These confirmations do not entitle you to use the loaded knowledge and skills in therapeutical work with clients. This can only be done after completing the entire training and obtaining the Certificate of Erogenetic Therapist. However, from Module 3 onwards the therapeutical work under Grace´s supervision (or certificated Erogenetic therapist who is authorized to do so) can be practiced.

If you decide to end the current module, you can “jump” into it again based on the Confirmation of participation of the lower module, provided that the next round of the training is open and there is free capacity. In this case, the prematurely ended module needs to be completed in its entirety.

Initiation into Erogenetic (Module 1 ) is a kind of “precursor” to the entire training and it is based on self-experience. Participating in this module will help you, among other things, clarify whether you want to continue your training and whether working in the helping profession is your mission. If you decide to continue the training, the teaching hours of Module 1 will be included in the training time allowance and the acquired self-experience will be placed in a theoretical framework and supplemented with printed study materials.