Duration and the place of the training

Duration of the training and training time:

Duration of the training and training time:

The total length of training is three years. The training is organized to 16 workshops (each starting Wednesday morning/evening and finishing Sunday afternoon). The complete training time is 490 hours.

Training group is available for both Czech and other countries citizens. Everything is going to be translated Czech-English. The training group is closed after the training begins.

Place of the training:

Buchov Centre: venue in beautiful countryside in the middle of the Czech Republic in the small settlement Buchov (Buchov 2, village Postupice) near Benešov, surrounded by forests in sight of the legendary mountain Blaník, 50 km southest of Prague and 20 km from the D1 motorway (exit 49).

The center has not only cozy rooms, but also a large number of outdoor and indoor rest areas. You can swim in nearby pond, as well as take a breaks for walk in the surrounding forests. The centre offers great vegan food.

How to get there:


The nearest bus stop is in Čelivo village, 2 km from the centre (20 minutes walking). To find the best bus connection on internet, put the name of bus stop: Postupice, Čelivo.

Because we know you will bring with you lots of unnecessary things for your stay 😊 we will be more than happy to organize pick up for you from this bus stop. In case you need this service, please contact Monika and she will be more than happy to pick you up. Also during first training workshop there will be the space to arrange car sharing for next time.


GPS of the centre is 49°41’17.587″N, 14°47’6.650″E. You can park your car straight in front of the centre (There is a brick wall).

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