Price, conditions and certification


Training cost consists of lessons (220 CZK / 9 EUR per training hour), accomodations, meals and share of the training hall and equipment (3600 CZK / 144 EUR / stay). The total price per one training workshop (30 teaching hours, extended weekend from Wednesday to Sunday) should not exceed 10 200 CZK / 408 EUR in current prices (2022).

The price can be adjusted if inflation or CZK / EUR rates change higher than 3% accordingly. Training is paid as whole one workshop ahead and deposit is paid two workshops ahead and they are not returnable. That means you pay full workshop price even when you arrive to workshop late or skip the workshop (but you don’t pay accommodation and renting for that time). If you end the training prematurely, the “training fee” paid so far will not be refunded.

Further informations:

Conditions of entry into training:

Previous experience in therapy is not needed, because Erogenetic method is a complex system on its own. The only condition to enter this training is that you have participated on Erogenetic Constellation workshop.

Training certificate:

Every participant will get the Training certificate at the end of training when following conditions are fulfilled:

  • attendance 90% of time
  • pass final exam in theory and practice (written test and case scenario within training group)
  • Two individual sessions/ coaching with Grace

If you don’t want to be professional you can take the training as self experience with only condition of minimal attendance.

Erogenetic is independent system simply because result proves the method. According to current Czech legislation, there is no limitation in consulting with clients outside the healtcare sector.

Would you like to become an Erogenetic therapist? For futher information please contact us:
Monika Koťarová,, +420 773 173 013