Music and its resonant effect

Music embraces, touches, communicates, moves and awakens us.

In spiritual science, the attachment to the shade and of sound music is of great importance – be it tones or spoken word. Words are like a creating link from one consciousness to another, making the experiences of man to a common property. The shade and tones reveal the divine harmony, which is existing in nature and the universe.

Both past and present cultures use music for religious ceremonies and Pythagoras elevated the dignity of music, as he was the first to demonstrate the music’s mathematical foundation. Likewise, – can almost everything be traced back to a mathematical and/or a chemical formula – in cosmos and all living things, such as in the human beings?

Neurological research has started to get some explanations on certain neural phenomena, relating music to our sixth sense. These speculations became relevance, especially from the observation of children’s spontaneous reactions in listening to music, as their movement impulses seemed like an instinctive behavior.  This knowledge supports the perspective of Erogenetic, with its anchor in body resource-oriented psychology and the psychotherapeutic processes.

The resonance phenomenon: Some masters have indicated that there are sound combinations that are able to create very strong extrasensory powers, and correspondingly, there are studies from modern history proofing that sound can create larger and stronger things than just “sounds”.  This provides an opportunity to focus on the resonance phenomenon. This means that the sound vibrations are able to create vibrations in physical substance, in more or less reinforced degree, depending on the resonance.

Researchers in Finland have developed a method that makes it possible to investigate how the brain deals with the many different aspects of music such as rhythm, tone and shade. Their findings show how different musical variations activate emotional, motoric and creative areas of the brain. It was found that listening to music, not just activates the auditory (hearing i.e. perception of music) areas of the brain, but also the neural network is being used. Furthermore, it was found that the motoric areas of the brain also were activated – which reinforces the idea that music and movement are closely linked. This has increased the understanding of the complex dynamics of brain networks and the way music affects us. Further, they found, that the limbic areas of the brain which is to be associated with emotions, is responding to rhythm and tones.

Parts of our being, the primitive instinct and our intellect exist in our cell nuclei and their membranes.

The cell membranes / the plasma membrane is a biological membrane that separates the interior of a cell from the environment. The cell membrane is selectively permeable to ions and organic molecules and controls the passage of the chemicals in and out of the cell.

Today’s deal of music is huge and something we mostly enjoy while other seem strange or it can give almost a sense of aversion – almost like a disorder not acting compatible to who we are -. Other music with its vibrations, sounds, rhythms and lyrics make us open, and it occurs almost inevitable fluctuations, and these fluctuations activates the pulsations in the cell nuclei. Theoretically, the music affects the cell membrane, and from its conditioning, this sends the signals to the cell nucleus.

This procedure (when the music is touching us) influence us, so that parts of our inner is being “awakened” and finds expression in the form of emotions, states of mind and / or movement.

Since music is a powerful communicative media, it is an almost “inborn” part of the Eros – Genes – Ethic principle.

When we in a therapeutic purpose is using the music and thereby create a resonance with the right frequencies, sounds, rhythms and lyrics, some oscillations occur. These oscillations turn into attractive forces, which initiate a chain reaction.

Chain reaction: When the sub-consciousness together with the strongest soul components in a common task, intensively is starting to pulsate from each other’s reverberation.

This is the exact appearing phenomenon, when we use music in the Eros – Genes – Ethic – Intensive – Workshops, (founded by Erogenetic) as access to reach clarity and to find the right “tool” (internal quality) thus the emotions, the soul and primary personality can unite. Thereby occurs strong impulses, which as a whole is supporting one’s consciousness and reality.

In the therapeutic processes, it means among other things releasing reactionary or overdosed energy, which sometimes first shows/expresses itself as an archaic character, regressive child or from other characters and personalities with relating circumstances, emotions and intellect.

Only with carefully chosen music as well as one’s present emotions (the cell membrane and nucleus experience in a positive interaction, and when there is a mathematical formula and chemical mutual agreement 😉 just as important; with the therapeutic representation, the effect is almost like a magical power that enables parts of one’s personality to come out of the time fixation.

Time Fixation means in this context, that if we as adults return to childhood memories, there may be living parts of our personality present, who is strong and immediate experienced, because they still are in the past, “at the time it happened.” Working with transformations presents us with the task of re-connect these parts to the adult consciousness in order to break the auto-destructive cycle.

In a process of internal dialogue, there must be room for self-destructive characterization or/and emotional, (the considerable negative contact, we name self-defeating), so that this does not have to be in anxiety and self-defense, but with the power of truth can rest in safety, since there is no confrontations from the “outside”. Far more is important what is happening in the client self and his/her dynamic as a guide, which makes it possible to find the right conditions in this fantastic journey toward self.

The magic power of music – and its mathematical formula – is flirting with the chemical processes – and brings us into motion.

Erogenetic performs its knowledge with therapeutic intervention in the sense, that there are opportunities for each participant to be “led” through the appearance of the various states and their ‘world’.

In practice we are working with characters (role), voices, fantasies, dreams, images, feelings and music, the beleaguered child, the regressive adults, archetypes or character structure. Furthermore, we consume the space, which is needed, where one or more parts of one’s personality can “see / feel” each other, then mutually find the right conditions / circumstances needed – to be able to unite in common goal. Simpler said, no longer work against the self.

What “before” was an unwanted reality principle (conclusions from the past but still affects one’s contemporary weekdays) can now be transformed, and one can sense the difference. Apropos: What is reality and what is the real reality?

In the Erogenetic method, the meaning of “internal dialogue” covers all dimensions of a human being with body and soul searching to reach into the own core and find wholeness in himself. This involves a sea of contradictory thoughts and feelings, trying to pave the way for clarity and strength. It activates an intensive interplay of internal forces on both the conscious, subconscious and intuitive level, with the paramount goal: to achieve resonance with the true self.

This means that there are also processed beliefs and behaviors which over the years have become part of one’s so-called integral personality, and – more importantly – which became a part of the person’s reconstruction and identity (pseudonym or not).

In the process, we follow the natural regulation of the elements, so that the crystallized element (time fixation) not feel induced, but we find the element that is in its most natural flow. This is the element with the greatest proximity to our inner wonder- child / being, and therefore know best what stimulus is in need.

The Personality /s (the crystallized and the primary) can feel, “see” and recognize each other, and in a unit with both their strengths and weaknesses support and guide each other. One can also say, that the stuck energy in the self-destructive state (crystallization) melts, and the redeemed thoughts and feelings, can now lead the beleaguered into its natural flow and original well-being. This means among other things, that the reactionary or overdosed energy becomes freed (sometimes this has archaic toned character or personality from one or more). The same process awakes eminent potentials which quite naturally, in the most amazing and creative manner and with a logic that can make one gape, while restoring the soul’s ethics and its laws and creating space for emotional and primary impulses.

The method Erogenetic has undertaken to work with those “elements” even though between heaven and earth exist a universal language we only can sense, we still experience an intensity that makes one almost humble, because the truth of the “self” – itself requires its presence.