Resource oriented self-development

Erogenetic is resource oriented self-development rooted in three dimensions:

EROS – primary instinct, lust and spark,

GENES – genetical inheritance of our parents and ancestors, which uncounsiously reverberates in our being along with our genesis,

ETHIC – our inner truth and values of the soul. If we reconcile these three dimensions, life naturally becomes a magical adventure in which we can live our gifts accordingly with our longing and life mission.

Erogenetic offers authentic, deep and open therapeutic process. You can experience it in individual session or in open workshops. If you would like to get education in the Erogenetic method, you are welcome to join the training.

More about Erogenetic:

Through life, we continuously influence one another with our essential being, in the way we act and interact. Conscious and unconscious energies, modes, states and all kind of information are transmitted from one to the other on all psychic, emotional and body layers and all levels from organs to cells.

Erogenetic brings structure and clarity to our life topics by connecting them with certain development phase, emotional organ, archetypus and element. Erogenetic has its focus on the personal sources among with the individuality of each person, instead of introducing general solutions followed by adapting the person on them.

Erogenetic brings deeper insight and understanding of these fascinating life processes going from prenatal /before birth until adulthood.
The purpose is to uncover genetic, emotional, psychological and spiritual topics and re-discover latent potentials which are dedicated to influence our daily life in positive way.