Company coaching

The best result of anything, is when you are authentic

Do you recognize any of these problems in your company such as stagnation, resignation, exhaustion, emotional stress between colleagues, or lack of team spirit?

Would you like that you and your employees achieve more harmony at work, with the goal to get a better well-being overall? And thereby influence the productivity in a positive way.
The common reason not to deal with the actual stress situation at work, is mostly not having the right circumstances to be heard, seen, and understood.

If one does not pay attention to actual problems the tendency goes from everything between lack of motivation until stress escalation. This will inevitably result in the employee not fulfilling their job with expected potential and quality. It is not unusual that colleges/employees can become obstacles inside the company and otherwise start to look for new opportunities if they don’t see other perspective.

With 35 years of experience and working with conflict resolutions, self-development, emotional stress management, I offer modern and professional coaching with focus on development of teams and individuals.

Organizations are nowadays often in a transition which causes internal stress and conflicts. I support your organization by solving these problems based on your company´s goals and values, with the well-being for both the team and the individual as main purpose.

These days most companies are taking distance from being shallow or unnatural, and are instead becoming much more focused on the value of employees being authentic and living out their natural potential. It is now known to be more sustainable not only for the individual employee but also for the hole team and company.

I provide the space for a respectful, honest, and direct communication, always taking the authenticity of the individuals into account.
Confidentiality is a matter of course!

You are welcome to contact me for further information or to make an appointment.
I travel anywhere in Europe – “people are people 😊”