The essential process of Eros – Genes – Ethic

Partnership – love sorrows/ problems – parents – life situation – hierarchy – authority topics – emotional issues – conflicts – stress symptoms – anxiety – poor self-esteem – negative life situation – or quite simply, dissatisfaction or feeling of something is missing in one´ s life.

A unique combination of constellation work, body psychotherapy, music, our inner wisdom and our resources.

  • Do you want to shift in your life or make a change (professional or personal)?
  • Do you want to gain better insight and understanding of your life?
  • Do you want to understand why your relationships keep falling apart?
  • Do you want to eliminate destructive patterns of behaviour and fears?
  • Do you want to open up to love and find yourself?
  • Do you want to become more authentic and happier in life?
  • Do you want to experience the right resonance, inspiration and excitement?

This style of leading constellations is very unique and is one of the main defining characteristics of Erogenetic and also the intellectual property of Gussie Grace Wallem.

“Music touches us deeper than any word does. It cannot be manipulated. Whatever speaks through it is our inner truth. It is almost unbelievable how precisely the music can mirror everything we have been experiencing or longing for in our childhood and growing up.”
Gussie Grace Wallem

Erogenetic strengthens our primary personality and opens the way to our love, passion and life mission. It draws on developmental psychology, the emotional function of the internal organs, but also works with existential and archaic dynamics, and uniquely combines the constellation method with body psychotherapy and resource work.

In the Erogenetic Constellation Workshop we work with personal constellations in the resonant field of music that speaks to us emotionally and stirs desire and passion or other strong feelings. Music is one of the main elements of this constellation work. Music helps us return to our memories, to feelings of longing, to ourselves and to all that we have enclosed within ourselves, including our gifts, talents and our life force. Hidden in the music is our great longing for love, beauty and joy that has not been heard, accepted or has been rejected.

As we work, we will be carried along on the waves of your favourite music, which will create a strong emotional and energetic field. If it brings any unpleasant feelings, emotions or pain, we just touch them lightly to bring them into awareness, and then focus on the source and healing experiences. In this way, our inner child gets what it wanted or needed to get in childhood but didn’t. Erogenetic constellations work with specific characters, voices, fantasies, dreams, images, feelings and music, the troubled child, the adult in regression, archetypes or character structure.

We work with all developmental periods of life. Trauma, learned and repetitive patterns of behaviour that affect us throughout life can be hidden in all developmental stages – prenatal period, oral, anal, genital period, oedipal period, puberty, teenage period, adolescence adulthood or present. New dimensions of our primary personality, hidden energies and emotions to listening to our soul’s longing will also be revealed.

Life presents us with challenges, through loved ones, feelings or circumstances. Conscious and unconscious energies, messages and states move between all layers of our being, from the emotional to the physical, from the muscles and internal organs to the cellular level.

The group of participants itself and its strength is also a powerful element, most obviously the representatives standing in a given constellation. Performing in a constellation of other participants is also very valuable and beneficial, often giving us an even deeper inner awareness.

In this work we open the pathways to love and revive its source so that it becomes a driving force in our own ethics, our inner truth is revealed and space is given to our inner values and our life spark. We regain confidence in ourselves and the adventure that life offers.

When only a small part of our golden treasure (inner truth), is drawn into the light of conciousness from the prodigal perfection, we experience the expansive force of our life energy and the value of our essence.

Gussie Grace Wallem

Basic practical information about workshop

Each participant will bring 5-10 songs from their adolescence or other songs that evoke strong emotions such as longing, joy, sadness, loneliness, despair, heartache, passion, romance, euphoria, melancholy, etc. Music from adolescence and puberty is appropriate, because at that time we are strongly connected to the full range of emotions and to the self that is stepping out into the world on its own for the first time. But it can also be music from another period or instrumental music.

In this intensive constellation workshop, each participant will have their own 2-3 hour long constellation supported by the music they choose before the workshop. This will give them the opportunity to find and concretize their theme and experience an intense transformation.

All topics are welcome, from any stage of life, including the spiritual field. Sometimes the topic may not be on a conscious level, then Grace will use her therapeutic skills and experience to help you define the problem of your emotional or physical discomfort before the actual constellation.

Participating in the constellation is also very valuable and beneficial. Expect an intense experience.

All are welcome to join in at whatever time intervals they see fit.
No previous therapeutic experience is necessary to participate in the workshop.

We have the possibility to make space for one child (from the age of 12) with the presence of a parent or an other authority. The child will only participate in this group for his/her own constellation, which will be the first.

(If this is the case it will be announced)

Experiences of participants

It was very strong experience, stronger than I expected. There was huge openness and trust in the group. Grace can heal in sensitive way and help deepest wounds to recover.


This workshop really changes our life! I can only recommend it. Even today I’m still receiving from my own experience one and half year ago.

Ivana (psychoterapeutist and lecturer)

Hey, friends,
as one of the less experienced in exploring the recesses of the human mind, I would like to thank you all for an incredible experience from which I am still recovering. The energy, togetherness and security I felt over the weekend was like something from another world that you don't want to leave. I will be very happy if there is any opportunity to see each other again.


Grace is a marvelous human being, a great professional and a wonderful person - all of which gives her the ability to hit the nail on the head without missing a beat and to give you a clear direction on where to go in life. She helped me a lot a while ago and the engagement ring is on my hand thanks to her great contribution.