The essential process of Eros – Genes – Ethic

Partnership – love sorrows/ problems – parents – life situation – hierarchy – authority topics – emotional issues – conflicts – stress symptoms – anxiety – poor self-esteem – negative life situation – or quite simply, dissatisfaction or feeling of something is missing in one´ s life.

This workshop is suitable for those who wants to work with themes related to the inner emotional world, partnership, family, profession/ career or other social matters. It is also suitable for those who want more insight, resonance, inspiration and excitement in their lives, or when the time calls for a change.

Erogenetic has among other things, shown that mood-related music from various stages or phases of lifem -regardless connected to before birth, childhood, puberty, teenager or present time, -intensive awake our most vehement passion and longings.

Furthermore reveals this method a new dimension for the primary personality: Latent energies/emotions releases and transform into creative potentials, simply under this aspect; finally listening to the longing of the soul.

Music touches us deeper than any word does. It cannot be manipulated. Whatever speaks through it is our inner truth. It is almost unbelievable how precisely the music can mirror everything we have been experiencing or longing for in our childhood and growing up.

Gussie Grace Wallem

Life itself seems sometimes to give challenges; through other persons, feelings, circumstances or even one self. There transmitted concious and unconscious energies, messages, states and information from one to the other at all levels, also emotionally and cellular.

The principle is to open channels for the “love-stream” itself and mobilize its source; so that love becomes the driving force with its own ethic: To let the “authentic reality” reveal, and at last be able to enjoy more space for one´s own inner values and its spark. To regain confidence in one self and the adventurous that life makes available.

In this workshop, we work with individual constellations and resonating music (psychic-dynamic guided role-play). This method is one of the characteristics that define Erogenetic.

On this intensive constellation workshop you will have personal 2-3 hours long session supported by music you choose prior the workshop and get the possibility to find and concretize your personal theme, and experience an intensive transformation.

When only a small part of our golden treasure (inner truth), is drawn into the light of conciousness from the prodigal perfection, we experience the expansive force of our life energy and the value of our essence.

Gussie Grace Wallem

Basic practical information about workshop:

As a participant in this workshop, please bring your favourite music from the past and/or the present time that touches you. It might bring feelings as: heartache, loneliness, despair, joy, desire to dance or move, longing, sadness, romance, passion, euphoria, melancholy etc.

Your choice of music is what presents your different emotional states. It can be varied and you might have different genre. It is usual to bring some different pieces of music with.

  • Anyone is welcome to sign into the workshop.
  • No previous therapeutic experience is required.
  • There is no limit how often one wants to participate.

We have the possibility to make space for one child (from the age of 12) with the presence of a parent or an other authority. The child will only participate in this group for his/her own constellation, which will be the first.

(If this is the case it will be announced)

Experiences of participants

“It was very strong experience, stronger than I expected. There was huge openness and trust in the group. Grace can heal in sensitive way and help deepest wounds to recover.”


“This workshop really changes our life! I can only recommend it. Even today I’m still receiving from my own experience one and half year ago.”

Ivana (psychoterapeutist and lecturer)