Thematic areas

Emotional organs

Each of our 12 inner organs has a physical but also emotional function. If imbalance occurs, it influences or blocks the vital energies we need on any physical or mental level.

We will find logic explanation why each development phase (prenatal, oral, anal, genital, oedipal, puberty, teenager, adult) has special dependency on specific emotional organ. Here we will recognize the interaction between psyche and body, which implies the emotional challenges from within and the traps from outside.

Phase orientation

Muscles and meridians

In classic Chinese acupuncture each organ is connected to a specific muscle and meridian. In connection to emotional organs we learn how to use it with massage and touch (ear acupuncture points for those who are interested). It provides a clear knowledge how and where the body can open easily and get treatment in relation to an emotional/psychic issue or psychic-somatic.

The fantastic power of the elements as it is in nature and all living things and why it has such an impact in any process on the emotional level.



We will learn the unique communication between an element, related emotional organ, muscle, meridian and connected developing phase. There will also be examples of archaic and spiritual contexts because they are natural followers. In the middle of the training we will look more into morfogenetic energies, and in the end of last module we will „involve archetypes”.

The analytic system is three-dimensional and comes from eros-genes-ethic. We will learn how to understand the communication of the different processes and therefore we can put it into language. We will learn how to use all of this in an analytic way and become able to ask the right and leading questions to “the client”.



In drama/constellation we set up the basic issue between emotion, organ and elements and we discover how the organic stress, intrapersonal conflict, character structure of personality and certain emotions are developed.