Price, conditions of entry and certification

The training costs consist of a lesson (CZK 220/hour), accommodation, meals and a share of the rent of the hall and equipment (appr. CZK 4,500/stay). The total price for one residential training workshop (30 teaching hours, long weekend from Wednesday to Sunday, CZK 6,600) should not exceed CZK 11,100 in current prices (2023). One study module will cost you approx. CZK 44,400. Another financial expense is attending five sessions with Grace (or certified Erogenetic therapist authorized to do so). Price per one session is CZK 2,000. All together is CZK 10,000.

The price for upcoming workshops can be slightly adjusted by change of inflation and Kč-EURO exchange rate.

Payment Terms:
Each Module must be financially completed as a whole. By paying the deposit before it starts, you express your intention to complete the entire module. This deposit serves to pay for installements of the last workshop of the given module and amounts to CZK 4,000.

Other workshops are always paid for in two monthly installments before the workshop by bank transfer to the account based on the e-mail notice sent. (On request is possible to agreed individual installments based on your financial possibilities, for example monthly installements).

Other costs for the workshop (accommodation, food, hall rental and equipment) are paid in cash during the workshop.

The training is paid as a whole, that is, including missed lessons due to late arrival or skipping the workshop (in this case, of course, food and accommodation are not paid).

Conditions of entry into training:
The training is suitable for everyone who wants to understand emotional processes and their dynamics. Previous experience is not needed as Erogenetic is a complex system in itself.

Training certificate:
EG: Every participant will get the Training certificate at the end of training when following conditions are fulfilled:

  • attendance 90% of time
  • pass final exam in theory and practice (written test and case scenario within training group)
  • five individual sessions/ coaching with Grace (or certified Erogenetic therapist authorized to do so)
    If you don’t wish to work as a professional therapist, you can take the training as self-experience for a better life quality and emotional standard.

Erogenetic is independent system simply because result proves the method. According to current Czech legislation, there is no limitation in consulting with clients outside the healtcare sector.

You will be invited to the Association of Erogenetic Therapists.