Initiation into Erogenetic (Module 1)

Initiation into Erogenetic (Module 1) is a taster of Erogenetic and at the same time a deep dive into the method itself. It consists of four self-experience residential workshops (from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) and is primarily intended for future training participants.

When you enter the self-experiential Module 1 – Initiation into Erogenetic, you will go through the early development phases, including the so-called A-phase, which in the Erogenetic system has great qualities as any other developing phase.

The Anale phase was mostly judged (even in psychotherapy) as something negative and connected with rigid personalities and neuroses.
Erogenetic knows that the A-phase indeed is amazing and to experience this process is recommended to any human being…

One of the very most qualities developing in the A-phase is to make limits, and space for one own personality and latent skills. Sadly enough, many children experience that this process ends even before it began.

We need to understand, that there is something valuable inside us, which is worth to bring out (to let it grow). To experience the inner gold “salt as the white gold”. To become a part of a collective and positive growth, and through that experience something like an acknowledgement. When a structure or form become visible, then the surroundings can register it – and a process and function in society is possible.

We are sitting on our potentials😉.

From that point of view, it might be easier to make decisions to continue the training or not

Participation in Module 1 does not oblige you to enter the training. The lecturer of Erogenetics reserves the possibility not to admit a participant of Module 1 to the training if it is evaluated as inappropriate.