Association of Erogenetic therapists

Mission of Association of Erogenetic Therapists:

In order to support you as a therapists, but also to maintain the quality and standard, you are welcome to join our AOET.

  • keeps the Erogenetic standard and guarantee the quality of the work
  • arranges regular group and individual supervisions with author of the method Gussie Grace Wallem as well as independent supervisions without Grace (lead by Erogenetic supervisor)
  • maintains list of Erogenetic therapists published on official websites ( and ensures maximal transparency and legibility
  • maintains contacts to all members, so they can easily communicate with each other, organize meetings, etc.
  • provides space for discussions and sharing, including recommendations for clients, or giving your client to another therapist
  • ensures that ethical and professional standards are respected
  • takes care about further development of therapists by organizing follow-up seminars.

Association is giving support and quality guarancy. If the therapist for any reason will stop working with Erogenetic, he / she can of course immidiately retreat from the association and any time come back.

Each member of the association undertakes to adhere to its code of ethics and to complete 2 supervisions per year, one individual and one group, or both individual by Grace or supervisor authorized.