Working atmosphere

Public and private sector – companies – institutions – schools – non- profit organizations.

Would you like some support to find good solutions, that fits to you and your employees?
Would you like that your employees and yourself have a harmonic, friendly and respectful atmosphere at work?
Would you like that your employees feel good at work and you experience how it influences the productivity in positive way?
Are you missing the dynamic feeling where you are united with same purpose and goal?
This can beHere are some of the problems that might consciously or unconsciously disturb the atmosphere at a working place:
Mobbing – Insecurity – mistrust – power and ego games – hierarchy – lack of respectful behavior – resignation – jealousy – exhaustion – lack of interaction – the list can be endless.
The consequences are often are:
Sick leaves – administration problems – postponements – delays – additional costs – layoffs – good employees quit the job – the worst scenario is financial ruin (here is to be considered influences from the world trade marketd).
The statistics is already aware of these problems and knows it is not only depending on the individual as responsible, because at the end, the whole politic system is involved.

We spend many hours at our working place, and are focused to manage our job as good as possible.
Most of us have taken an education and/or a job which is in our interest and compatible with our personal skills. Usually, we begin at new working place with optimism and a positive attitude.
If there is to many circumstances as fxfor example “bad vibes” and obstacles, the motivation and inspiration “retreat” and the individual keeps that quality – hidden in the own pocket (sort of speaking), for better times and opportunities.
Apart from that, is to consider the possibility to consider is; that with the right attitude and bravely work for the best, together in assignment, you have as many chances as any other organism to obtain success.

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